Our curriculum focuses on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  We believe God created children with a natural curiosity to explore their world.  Allowing children to do just that ensures an environment where optimal learning takes place. Young children are little scientists by nature.  We have a comprehensive collection of age-appropriate materials, hands-on experiments, and interactive technology designed to build the foundation of knowledge and skills that young children need to thrive in our increasingly technological world and make learning  joyful and natural.



The 21st century is increasingly integrating technology as a part of society.  Our future generations need a strong foundation in STEM in order to prepare for future careers.   We are excited to begin to lay this foundation at this stage of early childhood. Research tells us that the brain is particularly receptive to learning math and logic between the ages of one and four, and that early math skills are some of the most powerful predictors of later learning.


Spiritual Development

The students of South Hills Academy begin to develop a relationship with God through prayer, praise, and bible time daily. We also have a school-wide Chapel every other Thursday. In Chapel we sing, dance, praise, and worship Jesus with music, and listen to a short message hosted by one of our own staff members or our on-campus church pastors. The kids absolutely love this special Jesus time.


Class Sizes

Parents appreciate the small class sizes at our Corona Christian preschool, which allow for specific attention to be given to the variety of developing levels of each student.  Everyone is valued.


South Hills Academy Staff

Our teachers work together with parents to build a foundation of faith, school readiness, and a healthy social development for our children.  We believe we are a part of children’s lives at a time when a crucial foundation is being laid in their development. We exist to serve the children and families in our care by applying early childhood education principles that foster the development of the whole child in a faith-based environment that is safe and nurturing.



We switched our 3-year old twins to South Hills Academy initially because it had a great energy/feel to it compared to where we were.  It sounds crazy to base a decision on a gut feeling for our most valuable assets – our kids.  However, our instinct was right.  The results were better than we expected.  Our kids came home every day with great stories of what they did, which means they were having fun!  Even better, their academic skills progressed at an amazing rate.  We also can tell they’re around great spiritual role modeling because they imitate those behaviors at home.  When it was time to renew from preschool to kindergarten, it was easy for us to choose to stay because of the teacher they were going to get and because they introduced a STEM curriculum.  In short, they rock and we feel blessed to have our kids attend SHA!Julio & Suzan Nascimento,
We love SHA!! My son is a full time student. He started there in preschool, then summer program and now he will be going to pre-k! I was so nervous the first day my son started because he was watched by his grandma and I didn’t know how he would like it but he LOVED it!! He actually looks forward to going to school. The director and assistant director are awesome! They always take the time to talk to you and ask you how things are going. The teachers are absolutely amazing! Each teacher makes it a point to get to know your child (even if they aren’t in their class). They know all the kids by name and ALWAYS say hi in passing! The teachers and staff are very kind and loving towards the children. The curriculum is above standard and they do several fun-learning activities! My son has learned more then I ever imagined he would in his first year! The class sizes are small so you can rest assure your child will get the attention they deserve! Oh and not to mention, very affordable compared to some of the other schools around!  We highly recommend SHA!!!Matt and Laurie Morales,
As a working single mom I have always made it my first priority to have a place where my daughter can learn, be safe, have fun, and be loved just as I would do. South Hills Academy has been that place for me for the last two years. I feel comfortable knowing my daughter is happy and healthy and thriving while I have to be away at work. South Hills Academy has given my daughter and I all of that and so much more. We are extremely grateful for all that they have done and continue to do.Cat Ravenscroft,